Sunday, January 31, 2010

Car Wash!

Today, it was time for a car wash...well that was after we decided to paint with them. AJ loves his cars, so, I thought it would be fun to paint with them. I sent him up at his little picnic table with a plate of paint a few cars and a piece of paper. He got the hang of painting tracks really quickly! I thought he would dive into the paint as he always does, but surprisingly he didn't. What he did do is try to bring every car he owns into the paint. So, he didn't really paint long...instead I decided on a car wash instead.

While he finished painting, I found the big black cauldron from Halloween and filled it with about an inch of water and a bit of soap. He had a blast! Way more fun than painting. We played in the water for probably 20 minutes. He brought every car we had to be washed. Since it was a bit chilly in the house and we were on the cold tile floor, I decided to move him to the bathtub. He played in the bathtub for another 15-20 minutes. I swear he would have played in there all day if I let him. A bath tub and cars...what more could a boy ask for?

Much to his dismay, it was time to take a nap. When I finally got him dressed, he grabbed his cars and off he went! He went down with no protest at all! This was a huge hit! We will definitely do this again!

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