Saturday, July 3, 2010

Potty Training Success

Just wanted to send you all a quick update on our overall potty training successes. This is has been a LONG tretcherous war, but one we are finally winning.

First MAJOR Victory: AJ has finally decided that he does not need to pee pee in his carseat any more. So, we are able to go out without a half his wardrobe in the car. He has gone more than a week without any accidents! YEAH!!!

Second MAJOR Victory: Not only is AJ starting to go #2 in the potty...on his own, BUT he has decided he NO LONGER needs to poo poo on the floor! Yes, I said the floor! AJ now has a small potty that we keep in his room and he routinely uses it at nap time..or in the morning before he comes to get us! He actually poo pooed in it on his own during nap time! We were so impressed and super excited that we didn't have to clean a poopy floor! As you can imagine, I am SO OVER poopy floors! Looks like we can finally get new flooring soon!

You might be asking, why does he poop on the floor...your guess is as good as mine. He started taking his diaper off (even when in a onesie) when he was 14 mo old...hence the early start to potty training. Even now, he outright refuses to wear a diaper (at night or during naps). Luckily, he overall is waking up dry from naps and even overnight!

So, finally we have made some MAJOR progress over the last few weeks! Looks like he finally turned the corner! Keeping my fingers crossed! I am so ready to be DONE potty training...I was praying we would be done before the new baby...looks like my dreams may come true!

Diaper, Diapers Everywhere!

At least that is what my husband is saying! You see, in our small little house there is no room for a craft room or nook. So, instead, I have small card table that I house my sewing machines on when I am working and a few crates for all my fabric and remnants. Yet, the bar top is still covered currently with pattern pieced, stacks of finished diapers, cut pieces waiting to be sew, supplies, ect... I could go on, but I think you get the point!

AJ has learned rather quickly he is not allowed to touch mommies sewing table or any scissors. He is very respectful of that...although I know all those knobs on my machines must be rather tempting!

So, in regards to all those new are a few I have crafted recently. I would love to sew and sell at some point, but I am not there yet!
(Sorry for the side shots...I hate that the program automatically rotates to what IT thinks!)

This is a Darling Diaper Unlimited AIO.

These are a mix of covers and pockets! Most of these are Darling Diapers, a few Chloes Toes Side snapping covers and the blue one is a diaper kits pattern.

A close up of the Darling Diaper cover with FOE (Fold over Elastic)!

I will say my favorite new pattern is a the Darling Diaper unlimited. It is very close to the Cloth Revolution pattern, but offers so many more options.
Some options include:
Method of sewing (serging, turned, turning and top stitching),
Choice of closures (snappi, Hook/loop, snap),
Placement of closure (front or side)
Sizing (NB-XL or OS),
Style (AIO or pocket)
Choice of rounded or square tabs.

I prefer square tabs because I find there are not only easier to sew, but also look nicer on the finished product. I also prefer snaps to hook and loop (Velcro). Although snaps do not give you quite as custom a fit, they do hold up better and to not damage any of the other cloth diapers during washing. I have ventured out to making a few one sized diapers...I love this concept, but I am not totally sold on them yet!

I find that the hardest part is figuring out what fabric to use where...especially when you are sewing on a budget. You will see that there are many diapers sew from flannel...many are re purposed flannel receiving blankets. Most of the cotton knit fabric is from Walmart and is $1-$2 per yard. I did splurge on some cute minky fabric while on sale last weekend at Joannes. I have yet to use it though. Figured I would save it until I was feeling 100% with the patterns and sizes. (Definitely not a trial fabric). I am all about keeping the costs down...I want to produce a quality diaper using the most cost effective products...esp. right now while I am at the beginning stages. I am going to start working on some up cycled fitted diapers from t-shirts. I can't wait to get started on those!

Another adorable Dress

Thank you again Jamie at Prudent Baby for coming up with another adorable dress I couldn't resist sewing. I mean what little girl's wardrobe wouldn't be complete without this little getup. Now, all I need is the little girl...or someones little girl is going end up with an amazing dress and diaper collection!

It should be sized for a 6 mo dress or a 9 mo shirt. The adorable thing about this dress is, it can easily be extended by adding another finshed snap extender piece to ensure the armholes are big enough for the larger size. I love this polyester/cotten blend because it will be light in airy just in time for another hot Florida summer.

I am planning to make a matching clothdiaper tomorrow. It is already cut out and ready for to decide the hard part. Should it be a pocket or an AIO...hmmm...