Saturday, June 19, 2010

Diapers diaper everywhere!

I am still cranking out the diapers. I am in the process of making a stash of small diapers that should fit until about 14 lbs. Considering AJ was only 6lbs at birth, these should last for a few months. Once I have a few more done, I want to make a few diaper covers. Then, on to the medium diapers. I figured it would be best to finish all the smalls first!

My new favorite pattern is from Cloth Revolution. They look more like Bum Genious in shape, but they are pockets. I think I am going to try my hand at a few fuzzi bunz style diapes and then use Chloes Toes pattern for the covers. I'll make a few and then post how it went.

The Cloth Revolution pattern and instructions I adore. They are SUPER easy to sew and I love the square tabs. Plus they turn out very profession looking. I purchased some minky at Joann Fabrics this weekend because they were having a super sale. I can't wait to make a feels glorious!

Here are a few flannel and PUL dipes I whipped up over the past 2 nights! So far so good if I do say so myself!

Will be ever be done?

We started potty training Ante at a very young age because he refused to keep a diaper on. We have progressed nicely, but are really struggling to to get over the last hurdle. He is finally using the big potty for big business which was a major success...let's see how consistent it is. He can go all day at home and out n about with out accidents EXCEPT for one place...the car. He ALWAYS seems to wet himself in the car! It is SO FRUSTRATING! He doesn't full out pee pee just enough to wet his shorts and required a changing! I can't seem to get him past it.

We have put towels down and loosened the belt that goes in between his legs...I have even tried bribery, but nothing seems to have any lasting effect. I REALLY want him fully potty trained before the new baby arrives. I just do now know if it is going to happen. Ugg! Any advice?

Will we ever be done potty training?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hi Baby!

Time is flying by! I realize now why people have so many picks of their first and so few of their second. When you are trying to keep up with a really active toddler, it leaves little time and even less energy for picture taking. But, I do have new pics of the I thought I would share.

BTW, no we did not cave. We still have no idea if it is a girl or a boy. In the midle pic, the think that looks like boy parts...well, sorry, but this is a knee that dropped down as the tech took the picture. Neither of us look when the tech was taking pics of the "crotch".

Isn't he/she so cute! I can't wait...well maybe I can! :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daddies are the bomb!

Isn't it amazing what daddies will do for their little one.

I bet you never thought you would see a 6'1"+ man crawling around in a McDonalds play area and even sliding down the slide. Well, here ya go...

It was so cute to watch them play together! We were there as a special treat for a perfect day of behavior...actually a few days of amazing behavior. So, AJ got a cheeseburger happy meal (Eeek!) of which he ate the entire thing! Then, he played for about an hour...the majority of the time with daddy and a few other little darlings! It was so much fun! I will say though...those places are not made for a pregnant, claustrophobic mama! I couldn't get out of there fast enough!

Bring on the Obsession!

I remember what an obsession cloth diapering was when AJ was little. All the patterns and quickly want them ALL!!!! Well, the cloth diapering bug has already hit me and this little one is not even here yet! I am in trouble!

Sewin has been a huge stress relief with me...always has been! Plus, it is something I love! I am not a master at it and I never seem to have enought consistant time to hone my skill, but that doesn't stop me. I had my hubbie pull out my machines and took over the dining room. It will be dinners on the couch for a little while...or longer depending on how quickly I can get working.

I have to say planning for the what I was going to sew and what materials I was use took a boat load of tie. I think I was just nervous to actually jump in and get started! Yet, picking out the pattern was the biggest challenge. How do you know what pattern will fit best? I would hate to make a bunch of dipes and then not have any of them work. But...then again you have to start somewhere.

So, jump in the deep end I did! And, I do have to first turned out really well. I started with a pocket using the the Tighty White Hipster pattern from Little Commet Tails.I have head great things about this pattern, specifically the narrowness of the crotch section. Something that can often get out of control in some cloth diapers.

Working with the PUL was a challenge because I do not have a special foot for my machine...I will be buying these soon to make things a lot simplier! Anyway, enough talking about it...Here is my first attempt!

Here is my pocket: The ladybug material is a flannel with a hidden PUL layer to make it water proof. The inner is also a double flannel layer with a small 4 layer jersey sewn in soaker. All it needs now it to be stuffed and worn...come on baby!

Small Bus on Wheels!

Well, things have been really busy lately. I am finally feeling better. No more morning sickness...Yippee! In the mean time I have been consumed with sewing projects. I guess you could say I have swapped blogging about cooking for blogging about sewing. Well, I guess to say that I actually have to write a post about! That will come next!

I am almost 1/2 way through my pregnancy and can already tell so many difference between this one and the last. First and foremost, I am not a photo hog like I was last time. I keep meaning to take a pic of my belly for all you speculators, but life is so busy right now. I promise I will post one soon.

In preparation for the baby, I have been on the hunt for the perfect double stroller. Well, I think I found it.

Tada! It is the Mountain Buggy Duo with a carrycot. The carry cot comes out and can be transported anywhere. It is very sturdy! Plus, there is a replacement seat, so, when baby is old enough he/she and AJ will each have their own spot.

AJ absolutely adores it and asks everyday if I will stroll him around the house in it. This one is about a year old and I got an absolutely killer deal on it. Hence, the really early purchase. I have wanted a jogger since AJ was little and I finally have one.

The really cool thing about this is it is only (lol!) 29" wide, so, I can go through a regular door with no problems. It is also SUPER easy to stear! I mean so easy even with just AJ in the stroller I can stear with only one hand! Super cool!

The funny thing about double strollers (besides the weight) is the enormity of them! I am so use to my little Peg stroller that I feel like I am driving a bus around. I am relatively short so, I actually feel like the gramma driving the extra wide cadillac. You know the can barely see her head over the stearing wheel! Yep, that is what I feel like. I told my hubbie that he needs to install those horns that beep as I reverse. He just gave me the side eye! I will get use to the whole double stroller thing, but I am really excited to have this beaut in waiting! I guess I can double check that off the list of needed baby supplies! One thing down a kagillion to go!