Saturday, June 19, 2010

Will be ever be done?

We started potty training Ante at a very young age because he refused to keep a diaper on. We have progressed nicely, but are really struggling to to get over the last hurdle. He is finally using the big potty for big business which was a major success...let's see how consistent it is. He can go all day at home and out n about with out accidents EXCEPT for one place...the car. He ALWAYS seems to wet himself in the car! It is SO FRUSTRATING! He doesn't full out pee pee just enough to wet his shorts and required a changing! I can't seem to get him past it.

We have put towels down and loosened the belt that goes in between his legs...I have even tried bribery, but nothing seems to have any lasting effect. I REALLY want him fully potty trained before the new baby arrives. I just do now know if it is going to happen. Ugg! Any advice?

Will we ever be done potty training?

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