Saturday, June 19, 2010

Diapers diaper everywhere!

I am still cranking out the diapers. I am in the process of making a stash of small diapers that should fit until about 14 lbs. Considering AJ was only 6lbs at birth, these should last for a few months. Once I have a few more done, I want to make a few diaper covers. Then, on to the medium diapers. I figured it would be best to finish all the smalls first!

My new favorite pattern is from Cloth Revolution. They look more like Bum Genious in shape, but they are pockets. I think I am going to try my hand at a few fuzzi bunz style diapes and then use Chloes Toes pattern for the covers. I'll make a few and then post how it went.

The Cloth Revolution pattern and instructions I adore. They are SUPER easy to sew and I love the square tabs. Plus they turn out very profession looking. I purchased some minky at Joann Fabrics this weekend because they were having a super sale. I can't wait to make a feels glorious!

Here are a few flannel and PUL dipes I whipped up over the past 2 nights! So far so good if I do say so myself!

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