Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bring on the Obsession!

I remember what an obsession cloth diapering was when AJ was little. All the patterns and styles...you quickly want them ALL!!!! Well, the cloth diapering bug has already hit me and this little one is not even here yet! I am in trouble!

Sewin has been a huge stress relief with me...always has been! Plus, it is something I love! I am not a master at it and I never seem to have enought consistant time to hone my skill, but that doesn't stop me. I had my hubbie pull out my machines and took over the dining room. It will be dinners on the couch for a little while...or longer depending on how quickly I can get working.

I have to say planning for the what I was going to sew and what materials I was use took a boat load of tie. I think I was just nervous to actually jump in and get started! Yet, picking out the pattern was the biggest challenge. How do you know what pattern will fit best? I would hate to make a bunch of dipes and then not have any of them work. But...then again you have to start somewhere.

So, jump in the deep end I did! And, I do have to say...my first turned out really well. I started with a pocket using the the Tighty White Hipster pattern from Little Commet Tails.I have head great things about this pattern, specifically the narrowness of the crotch section. Something that can often get out of control in some cloth diapers.

Working with the PUL was a challenge because I do not have a special foot for my machine...I will be buying these soon to make things a lot simplier! Anyway, enough talking about it...Here is my first attempt!

Here is my pocket: The ladybug material is a flannel with a hidden PUL layer to make it water proof. The inner is also a double flannel layer with a small 4 layer jersey sewn in soaker. All it needs now it to be stuffed and worn...come on baby!

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