Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Well, I am already 31.4wks preggo. Although in retrospect it has gone by quickly it seems like day to day is passing SO SLOWLY. I wish I could say this was a problem free pregnancy, but no such luck. I have always heard that each pregnancy is different...boy are they right!! Now, the contractions has slowed to a few random contractions every few days. Yet, I am extremely uncomfortable and often get very crampy and sore if I do much of anything. So, although my contractions have calmed, my doctor is keeping me on bedrest.

As if that is not enough, I am anemic again...yeah iron suppliments! Yet that is not the best of it all. This doctors appoitnment revealed my platelet count is down yet again. It is now the lowest it has been much to the dismay of my OB. They are doing some additional research into my pre-preggo levels and my levels during my last pregancy. I now have to get my bloodwork done monthly to see where my levels are at. I will find out later this week or the first of next week if I need to see a specialist.

The major concern is if my platelet count drops below a certain level during delivery my blood may not clot correctly leading to an increased loss of blood. When I asked if it could affect the baby, the dr basically said that that is why we wanted to get things under control now. It may simply require monitoring, or it might require steroid shots and a platlet infusion. I don't really know too much yet, but it definietly does make me nervous and I have way more questions than answers. I just pray everything will be ok for both me and baby!