Sunday, January 3, 2010

What is the point...

I find it ironic to not know where to begin. So, I guess I will start at the very beginning. I grew up an a some-what normal home. Both my parents worked many long hours, so, I was usually the first one at Kindercare and the last to leave. I can remember many times my father arriving late and waiting outside on the curb for him. I went straight from Kindercare to before and after school care. I was the quintessential Latchkey kid.

I grew up to be a teacher... I guess not all that ironic since I have spent so many years of my life there. After teaching several different grades at 2 different schools, I settled in to teaching 3rd grade. I do truly love this grade. I just always hated all the constrictions on what and how I could teach. It seemed the longer I taught the more incompetent the school system made me feel.

I always felt it was best to teach each student on their own level. Let those who are soaring fly on to more challenging content. Those who are hitting seed bumps along the way, i would provide the ramp to help move past them. Yet, I found the school system didn't feel this was the correct way to handle students. Instead I was to teach to the middle, clipping the wings of my eagles and making the speed bumps impassable for my coasters. This just seemed so counter intuitive... Then came baby!

Once I had my son, I decided to give up my elementary school teaching career and find something new. I wasn't sure what yet. I start to dream about his education..what would be right for him...would he be an eagle or a coaster? within 6 months, I was introduced to online education. I was offered a job with an online teaching school and set to begin teaching 7th grade Science.

I have been teaching in this new forum for just over a year. It has been an interesting ride. This being my first real insight into home school, my views are mixed. I have seen many really successful homeschooling families...and many not so successful. I have seen some that have struggled to introduce an online curriculum in a their traditional home schooling arena. Others who have fully integrated and have excelled due to this option. So, yet again...I wonder! What will be right for my son.

On one hand, I am a certified teacher and parent. Who knows my son and his future learning styles better? Who is better qualified to teach him? Yet, then I slam right into the present day. I have a rambunctious almost 2 year old boy who rarely stops moving. He loves to get into things...he love to touch and experience obviously I want to encourage and extend this...but how? Where do I start?

I feel unprepared. I feel incompetent as a teacher. I have absolutely no experience with teaching kids younger than 3rd grade. Where do I begin? So, thus the adventure has begin... I have no idea where it will lead me or how I will get there. Yet, I know my son and I are in it together...whether he knows it or not!

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