Wednesday, January 20, 2010

G is for Giggly Green

Things have been going really well, but extremely busy. We have done a lot of fun activities lately. I am really working on getting these posts together. I never realized how much work having a blog was...between getting prepared for the activities, taking pictures, getting the post written and then getting the pictures onto the takes a lot of time, especially considering I am ALWAYS online for work! I have found getting the pictures has been the most frustrating part because for some reason my silly IE won't open the picture box.... so, I pound away and wait...and count sheep...and pray...and every once in a while it pops open. I have started using a different browser, so this time consuming waiting game ends! So, enough about me, on to AJ...

Green was the color of the day. AJ is still struggling to say the names of the colors. He understands how to sort them, but everything that is dark colored he calls blue. So, we have really been working on that!

We started off the day with our colorful green breakfast. I started with green eggs because I had the book Green Eggs and Ham. Now, ever since having AJ, eggs and I have not been good friends. So, the moment that food coloring entered those little baby eggs, the gagging began. I know it is so silly, but I started to turning green at the thought of what I was doing. I kept trying to tell myself...It is just coloring. What is the big deal? Needless to say is was not a combination that was going to make it to the pan, let alone the table. I am not even sure why I was so ambivalent about it because AJ has never eaten eggs before! So, I went back to the basics...a waffle, apples and applesauce. To dress up the applesauce I mixed in about 1 1/2T of Odwalla's Superfood's Juice. I really wanted to puree some Spinach, but it was frozen and this being my 2nd attempt at breakfast, time was of the essence. I added a dot of coloring because the juice did add to much. AJ was pleased, I could tell if he like what I served more or the fact that it was on the table!

After breakfast, AJ started to get giggly! We recently moved one of the couches under the window and AJ is a totally fan of the move. His new hobby is to stand on the couch and play with his trains in the window sill. Yet, while I was cleaning up breakfast, he decided he would play in the curtains...something I frown upon, but he was so cute I had to snap a few shots!

Then, we moved on to our green theme. I pulled out Green Eggs and Ham to start our day off. We read it together and he enjoyed pointing out all of the colors. He got so excited that as soon as I turned the page he started pointing and screaming...much to my ears dismay! Once we finished, I asked him to go find something green and low and behold he insisted on the green lego box. So, we worked together to pull out all of the green legos (we talked about light and dark because there are 2 tones of green legos in our set). Then, while Ante built a new Green train I pulled out yesterdays yellow train. He had a great time with the legos until it because to smash them on the floor!

As we cleaned up, I asked Aj to bring me all the block in a specific color. So , we started with green and then blue because those are the colors he is most confident with. He was able to collect each of those with no trouble at all. Then, we worked on red and yellow. He still refuses to name those. Then, mommy had to finish cleaning up the other colors because that was the end of AJ's attention span. He moved on to his trains and blocks.

It was interesting to watch him with the blocks because it was the first time we was able to unzip the blocks on his own. That took a lot of concentration and tugging to get it open. Yet, once it was open, he wasn't so much interested in stacking the blocks at first. He stopped to examine each block as he removed it. He would get really excited when he saw something he knew and would scream..."Mama, mama, hand..." We went through each block and he named what he knew and I named what he didn't! I was amazed at the amount of items he could name! On some he couldn't remember the name of the animal he would make the sound. It made for one proud mama!

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