Friday, January 29, 2010

Collecting the Kid!

Yesterday, we went on a tour of our local fire station with my mom's group. I thought AJ would love this since he loves all things truck! He is the kid that runs to the window screaming "dump truck" twice a week when the garbage truck goes by and then insists on signing "more...more...more" when he can't see it any longer! So, we packed ourselves and off we went (along with my sanity)!

The moment we got there I could see what type of day it was going to be. AJ didn't want to hold my hand, he would drop to the floor like a limp fish. Then, when I tried to pick him up, he would just kick his legs trying to climb out of my arms...GREAT! As I try to contain my nut case, I look out to the sea of 20 or so other moms and kids who are all standing so nicely next to their siblings and parents holding hands...and then there is me! All I can do is shake my head, try not to drop (or drag) my child and say a quick prayer because I can already tell how this is going to turn out!

Ever have those days that you plan to do something and just based on the way your kids gets out of the car makes you want to put them right back in just to avoid the frustration! Sometimes based on AJ's behavior just trying to get out of the door at home informs me of what type of trip we are going to know the times the little person in the back of your mind says..."hey, you know right where this is going..don't do it...turn back now! You are going to regret it!" You know the one! But, being the good mommy you are, you push on determine to put on a smile and make it the best dayever. Then, about half way through, as the kids is melting down, running away,and hiding from you...oh did I mention you are in a complete sweat, swearing to yourself...You pledge to NEVER do it again! Yep, it was one of those days.

So, I grit my teeth and hope this is just a little bump in the road. Oh how quickly I would ditch this notion. Enter....THE DOUGHNUT! As soon as we got inside, they served the kids doughnuts! Yep...SUGAR DOUGHNUTS! Have these people LOST THEIR MINDS!!! Breathe! That is all I can say and AJ starts to whine insisting he have a "coo coo". OK...can you see the defeat already!

Now, that AJ is all sugared up, they bring the kids into the Firehouse living room to watch a little Elmo video about what to do when you find hot stuff. Sounds great except, while (again) all the other kids are picture perfect..sitting on their parent's laps laughing and responding to the video, AJ is running around the room...albeit quietly...between the chairs. I keep smiling, hoping the other moms can't see the sweat that is now running down my faceor hear the grinding of my teeth as I attempt to catch him!

Ugg! What's next! We move on out to the fire trucks! Yippey! This should be better, AJ can move around, get up in the trucks, touch the Boy stuff! Right! WRONG! Uhh...No!

Again, sit down and just watch...well again that is everyone but AJ! These kids are sub-human! How can they just sit there ever so pleasantly while my kid is running away, rolling on the ground, etc... At this point, I can see my car and I so desperately want to make a bee line for it...yet, I stay to be polite. I have no idea what I am doing at this point, just gritting my teeth praying for this dreaded tour to end. We cordially accept a plastic fire hat and thank the firefighters for their tour. Although I brought my camera and everyone is taking their kids picture with their firhats on next to the firetruck...mine is steal the other kids hats and making a beeline for the road! Needless to say, I couldn't telaport fast enough to our car. Frustrated, a bit embarrassed and definitely worn out...all I can do is give AJ a hug and take him to his father (who is working) just so I can have a few minutes off while I try to compose myself again!

The sick thing about this whole scenario is...I will do it again and again...some sort of sick masochistic behavior all moms do! I will continue to work with AJ on his bad days praying (and knowing) it won't be like this every time! Hump! I need a nap!

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