Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm seeing RED!

I decided on the first theme I will begin working on with AJ. People. When kids start kindergarten the first theme they learn about is Social studies is Family. So, I will build off that and develop several activities related to people and families. I just need a bit of time to put a few of the activities together. So, in the meantime, I decided to start with colors.

This weeks color: Red

We started with a red breakfast, of which I forgot to take pictures. Shucks! We had red juice (mixed with water), red pancakes, red (strawberry) yogurt, and red strawberries. I talked about the color and shape of the food AJ was eating and had him say red and attempt to say circle.

Then, we painted A, B, C letters with red paint. We will be using thiese again for a later project, so, stay tuned for next week.

Later we sorted magnetic blue and red letters. First, we worked to identify the colors. Aj knows blue, but struggled a bit to say red. Then, I asked him to put all the red one up and the blue ones down. We did a few together and then he did a bunch on his own. He did a great job, but in the end he decided to throw them all on the ground. So, I asked him to pick all the red magnets and put them on the fridge. That worked for a few seconds, but then he was off to the next thing! I was excited though when he showed daddy how he could sort later that night. He still struggled to say red, but we will keep working.

We will work on sorting again tomorrow, but we will focus on blue. The nice thing about red and blue are the and blue playing cards, red and blue plastic poker chips, legos, ect... So, tomorrow will will work on sorting cards.

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