Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Arts and Crafts...Wax Paper Art

Yesterday, we decided to play outside a lot. We had a great time playing trucks and digging dirt. We played trains under the umbrella, took a stroller ride in the backyard. Then, we played catch with the fallen fruit before we cleaned it all up. After a nap and lunch it started to get a bit chilly out, so, we had to come inside.

I loved the idea of the Wax Paper Art from the Toddler Busy Book. So, we got right too it. I pullout 2 sheets of waxed paper, a small bowl, glue, food coloring and a sponge. I mixed 1-2 drops of coloring into the glue. By this time, AJ was trying to climb up my leg to see what I was doing.

Once he was seated at his table (and had his paint cover on), I gave him 1 piece of wax paper to paint on.

He loved painting on the wax paper. It was the first time he didn't paint himself. Once, he had a nice area covered with glue. I gave him some felt squares to put in his picture. My original plan was to go find some more leaves and determine what AJ remember from our walk the other day, but since the temperature had fallen that plan went out the window...hence the felt squares.

Once he had finished with the squares, I put the second piece of wax paper on top of the gluey one. When it finally dried, I cut it out in a shape and hung it in out window. AJ wasn't done painting though, so, I let him put the left over glue and felt squares on a piece of computer paper. It made a nice little present for grandma.

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