Monday, January 11, 2010

Yeah for Yellow...Day 1

Today was a bit hectic, so, we did not get as much done as I had hoped, but there is always tomorrow. I did a lot of work on the phones today, so, AJ had several projects to work on.

As always we started our day with a yellow breakfast. AJ actually ate oatmeal today...yeah! I made steal cut oatmeal with cherries and mango puree with bananas on the side. AJ was not interested in the bananas, but he ate all the oatmeal, which was a real surprise. We talked about the yellow mango, but again I was not lucky enough to get him to eat any.

After breakfast, we read Yellow by Sarah Schuette. AJ had a great time finding all of the yellow objects on the pages and then had a great time finding yellow things around the house...his yellow rain boots were the first prize. He proudly waddled around the house searching for other yellow things. (sorry, no picture of this due to potty training)

The search quickly became derailed when he found the yellow legos. Once identified, it became time to build. So, I let him build while I made a few calls. At first, he built with only the yellow legos we had identified (so I saved the yellow car) Yet, the quiet didn't last long...he quickly found the lego box and soon all I heard every few seconds was..."Oh No Mama, James Bwoke.!James Bwoke!" James is his lego train that never seems to stay together. After about the 10th time, I have to admit I am really tempted to write a letter to Lego to complain about this, but instead I fix James and send AJ on his way, secretly praying he will find something else to consume his energy.

Post Legos, we played with the shape sorter. AJ has gotten really good at putting the shapes in the correct place. He seems to look at the shape and then look at the shapes on the sorter to pick which he will try, then, he twists and turns the shape until he gets it in. We worked on naming the shapes, which at this point means I named them as he placed them in the sorter. He did slow down long enough for me to ask him for specific shapes. Aj, please give me the blue square or the yellow circle. He got those right every time, but struggled with the red heart and green triangle. It help when I tied to color red to James and green to Percy(from Thomas the Tank Engine). When I asked for the purple star, he had no idea. So, I asked him for each colored shape until the only shape left was the star. By this time, I could see his mind starting to wonder, so, we moved on...

Day 2: Did you know Yellow is for Fruit?

Today was a playdate with a dear friend and her 16 mo old daughter. I have decided not to post pictures from the playdate because I do not want to post pictures of her daughter without her permission, so, here is a break down of our playdate.

While the babies played, we talked about life and I surprised her with banana bread. She is about 6 mos preggo and has a everlasting craving for my banana bread. So, she was head over heals that I had remembered. We go the kids to the table and they helped mix the ingredients. Aj and I talked about bananas...color, shape, texture, temperature (hot/cold). The kids loved mashing up the bananas. AJ used the masher and Babydoll dug right in with her fingers (after a washing of coarse) Then, I put Mrs. K in charge of helping her Babydoll make the heart shaped muffins, while AJ and I made a surprise loaf for her with her favorite streussel topping.

While the muffins were baking, I pulled out the yellow lemons. Time to talk about those. Babydoll was very excited to explore them. We felt the bumpy texture and compared the sizes of them. Then, I showed the babies how to roll the lemons. Mrs. K put her feet up for a bit and watched the action unfold. She knows I am a nut and loves to just see what I have come up with this time. She thought I was nuts when I pulled out a bunch of empty plastic juice bottles and encouraged the kids to throw lemons at them! But, every had a grand time. The babies rolled the lemons as best the could towards bottles. AJ was a sweetheart...he does love the ladies. He went and picked up the lemons and handed one to babydoll so she could keep playing. And, when babydoll lost her footing and fell, he helped her up and gave her a big hug and a kiss! It was priceless. By this time, our muffins were done, so everyone munched was ready to try out creations! (AJ even ate one which was stunning! Is my picky eater actually starting to try new things!?!)

The kids played for quite a bit together AJ even let Babydoll try out his radio flyer trike, but she was more interested in his crazy coupe. So, Mrs. K and I made pizza dough for lunch. Babydoll was not interested in getting out of the car to put the pizza topping on, but AJ volunteered. He threw the cheese on the pizza, the pan, the counter, and even a bit on the floor! :) What's new! At least he had fun!

Everyone chowed down and then it was obvious it was nap time. So, Mrs. K and Babydoll packed up to leave. AJ Was not happy at all and started to have a meltdown.

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