Sunday, January 10, 2010

B is for Blueberries

Sorry, for the late post. I kept telling myself all weekend that I was going to get this post done, but I worked on other things. So, I decided to just sit down and get it done.

Friday we worked on the color blue. AJ picked it up really quickly. I think he really likes blue, no so into red. We started out our morning with breakfast. I make blue tinted french toast with blueberry yogurt and fresh blueberries. AJ was dazzled and scarfed it all down!

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After breakfast we read Blueberries for Sal. AJ had a lot of fun with all of the pictures and pointing out all of the blue things in the pictures. So, with an excited little boy on my hands, I pulled out his bucket of blue! The moment AJ spotted the bucket he saw his blue choo choos and freaked! The bucket went flying, choo choos went flying...he could care less about anything else. This was just the start of our day!

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AJ decided that it was time to play choo choos. While I cleaned up breakfast he played at his train table. Then, I went to join him. He loves when we play together. At this point we are working on sharing! Everything is "MINE"! Today, he actually let me play with him and allowed me to play with one of his trains. It was awesome, we play together for about 20 minutes.

Since this went so well, I thought we would try some sorting. I pulled out the plastic red, blue and white poker chips and set out the bowls. AJ thought this meant it was dumping time. I tried to no avail to help him identify the colors and sort them. He decided it was more fun to fill up each bowl and then dump it into an empty one. He tired of this quickly and it took work to get him to slow down and pick up.

Moving on. Let's bake. For the holidays, my mom gave me a package of supplies from the Amish Health food store from up North. I was excited to break this package open and find a blueberry muffin mix. I am not much for mixes, I prefer to make everything from scratch. Yet, my supply of fresh blueberries was low, so, Amish mix, here I come.

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I did the measuring and AJ did the pouring and mixing. He had a blast. He even filled the muffin cups on his own. Yet, he was not done. He wanted to do more scooping and pouring. So, I added extra water to the tiny bit of mix left in the bowl and had him stir it while I took out a red heart shaped mold. He had a blast filling each and every heart before dumping it back into the bowl and starting over. Much to his dismay it was time to clean up for lunch. Small fit aside, he really enjoyed his blueberry muffin. I was shocked mister picky even tried it. Then, it was off for a nap.
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Finally time for me to get some work done. Yet, when AJ awoke he was not done with school. As soon as he got up he kept asking for "bees". "mama, bees pwease." What in the world? So we walked around the house trying to solve the mystery...Ahh...Beans! He spent the next 30 minutes scooping his beans while mama got some work done. I finally had to put the beans away when I started finding thim in his trains and on the train table. All and all "B for Blue" day was a success.

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