Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bean, Beans, Beans...

The musical fruit...that's what they say right! Well, let me tell you when you have a toddler who is currently obsessed with beans...the musical fruits sounds a bit different. It sounds do I explain it! "Oh (explicative)!" as the basket containing hundreds of dried beans hit the floor and after the ten thousandth "oh No!" from AJ...I ask myself quietly again...why do you continue to do this to yourself! This is how I started off my morning and it was one of THOSE days!

You know those days where you strap on the seat belt and pull it extra tight, say a quick Hail Mary and pray you make it through the day! Yep. One of those day! After the 10,000 bean pick up...I had to take a call! Now, this was one of those calls I had to have it kind of quiet I actually needed to hear what the person on the other end was saying. yeah, so, I snuck around the corner and peeked my head out to keep an eye on AJ. Well, he decided he was going to sneak around a corner and hide from me. I quickly learned why! Syrup! Yep, you know the wet, gooey, sticky, messy type! My son had somehow gotten it off the shelf of the pantry doing a moment of toddler acrobatics and decided it was his new beverage of choice. But, it didn't stop there...Oh NO! Remember the seat belt...can you feel it tightening yet!

Yeah, the syrup was a beverage, a doggie shampoo, a body scrub and a new version of Pine Sol... Nice! Is there really any more to say!?! So, this happened all in a matter of seconds, err a minute...I swear...Max!

Why oh Why me! I hadn't even downed the first cup of coffee yet! It was one of those know those days...guess I was due!

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