Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Rainy Day, but a Busy One!

It is cold and wet outside. From the moment AJ popped out of his room, he continuously repeated (and eventually whined) "bye bye". I tried to explain to him that it was cold outside and raining. I finally had to open the door, so he could feel for himself. It was adorable because he popped his head out the door said "cold" and slammed it shut. That was the end of that conversation! He quickly moved on...

First stop...Time to build!

He had a blast building the structures and then knocking them down. We spent 15 minutes building. He loves trying to see how tall me can make a structure and then loves watching it crash down. Definitely a boy thing!

Second stop...Puzzle Time!

I saw these on another blog and had to make them. I have to credit Mer Mag for sharing her Geometrics. I do plan on having my hubbie making these out of hardboard, but I couldn't wait. So, last night I carved up a white cardboard box last night so AJ could play today. He had as much fun building these rectangles as he did diving on the finish product and send the tiles sailing across out tile floor!

Third stop...Collage Time!
After a nice nap and a lunch of cheese crackers (I was just happy he ate!), we moved on to crafts. Today, I decided to venture into gluing. I found a glue stick in my craft box and thought it just might work...assuming AJ didn't eat the glue! So, I cut up some newspaper and let him go to town. He Had a blast putting the glue on the paper and I had to keep reinforcing that the point was to glue the squares onto the paper, not to simply put the glue on the paper and stick your hands to it. He enjoyed gluing his finger together and I enjoyed watching him try to get the newspaper squared of his sticky gluey fingers. It was like a battle of the wills.

After he had glued all the squares down, he then started gluing his face which led to his tongue. That didn't take long. I explained to him that we do not eat glue and that if he continued to glue his tongue I would have to take it away. I could almost see the gears turning and a sudden mischievous look quickly creep across is face. Then, in a split second he flipped the stick over, dove his little fingers in the glue and scooped a nice glue ball up. He was in full motion of putting the ball of glue into his mouth when I snatched the glue from his hands...instant stop! He realized I wasn't going to give on eating glue and then began to whine because he couldn't get the cap off the stick. Mama don't play!

Final Stop...Train time!

Since I do not own kids scissors yet, I took AJ's paint tracks picture the other day and cut it into the shape of a train. I had him work on coloring on a separate paper for the wheels while I worked. It made for a cute finished project! He had a great time moving it from place to place around the house and made a beeline to show daddy when he came home. It was a nice end to the day and what beats a train!

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