Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bandits in action...

This is the face of my innocent little guy. He looks all cute and cuddly here! He is actually bored here, hence the silly lookon his face. So, being the good mommy I am... I let him go outside and play in the backyard while I was making lunch! I keep the doors and windows open so I can keep an eye on him. But, he is really pretty good out there and knows his limits.

While making lunch I hear the normal array of minute AJ is riding his tricycle around then knocking it over on the ground. Next, he is runny after our dog, Rusty, and trying to get Rusty to chase the ball...then it gets quiet! That's when Mommy sirens go off! I peek outside and what do I see...
My Caped Crusaders in Action...

Yes, this is what my little bandits have been up too...digging a whole in the backyard!

as I take a closer look I realize not only has AJ gone potty in the potty, but he has taken the time to re-dress himself. Shorts are inside out, one sock is on inside out the other missing and amazingly his shoes are on the right feet! Oh, he is good! Definitely takes after his father!


  1. He dug a hole and went potty in it? Or is Aunt Kelly reading this incorrectly. Please tell me he hasn't taken potty training to the back yard now?! :-)

  2. Thank goodness he still uses a potty...even when he is outside..sometimes he still forgets and has an accident! But, no the whole was not for business.