Sunday, February 7, 2010

Water, Water...EVERYWHERE!

It was cold and rainy outside, so, I thought why not bring the water inside? So, I brought the baby tub inside and we worked with water today. AJ loves water so I thought we would be adventurous. AJ was so excited, he crawled right in and started to play. He could barely wait for me to collect and fill the containers. The funny thing was ...he jumped right in...fully clothed. I didn't even think to take his long sleeve shirt off until we were about half way done!

So the first thing I did was pull out an old dish soap container and filled it with water. AJ spent several minutes just opening and closing the lid on the contained. So, we talked about opening and closing and I helped him to name what he was doing. Once he had that down, we worked on filling a bottle with the soap bottle. This was a hard task for AJ because the soap bottle was not a bottle he could just dump in. He had to squeeze the bottle to get the water to come out. He tried just dumping it over, then shaking it, but it didn't work. Finally he figured out how to squeeze the bottle to get the water out!

He had a blast filling up different bottles with water, then dumping them out. He would then scoop up the water using the measuring cups and pour then back into the soap bottle. He needed help getting the soap bottle lid off, but he had fun filling up the bottle. We tried using the funnel, but because there was water in the bottom of the tub, the bottle would just fall over, so, we ditched the funnel. He did really well keeping the water in the tub for the most part and surprisingly didn't splash the water everywhere like he does in the real bath tub. So, I let him play with the bottles for about 30 minutes. Then, we ventured into Jello!

I made jello a few days ago and put them in various molds. One of the mold I tried was a star Ice cube mold. I thought it would make cute stars, but the problem was I couldn't get the stars out because the plastic was so thick. I had read in the Busy Toddler Book about letting your toddler play with Jello in water, so, I thought this would be a great use for these stars. So, I handed AJ one set of Jello stars and let him go to town. He started by trying to eat through the plastic to get the jello out! It was hysterical to watch him twist and turn trying to get the jello out of the molds.

I started to feel bad, so I helped him to get the jello out and we squished it in the water. We started to talk about texture and how it felt, but, after a few seconds he realized what was in the tub and started to inhale the jello by all means necessary!

Finally, I gave him the second mold to work on removing the jello from. He was indignant that he was going to get all the jello out by any means necessary.

After, he had his fill of jello, it was off to the real tub to get all the stickies off! What a great day though!

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