Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Last Week in the World of Sickey-ville

Well, last week flew by and I was so busy taking care of AJ who had a double ear infection and a nasty cough. I was also battling a little cold, along with taking care of my hubbie who had broncitis! It made for a fun week. Oh, and it was cold and windy outside so we were cooped up in Sickey-ville!

AJ was too sick to go out and with too much activity would start coughing really hard, but that didn't slow him down! So, here is our week in pictures:

Buttons and Beans were the words for today. AJ cannot get anough of the beans, so, I let him play with the beans this morning. He loves to drive his trains through them and hide his car in them. So, after bean time, we moved onto buttons his other new obsession.

He decided at first that he was going to spoon the buttons into the dish. He had a hard time scooping because it was on a flat surface, but was intent on using the spoon.

I bought some pipe cleaners and we started working on trying to lace the buttons onto the pipe cleaner. This was very difficult for AJ and he could not do it on his own, but he was captivated by the concept. We worked together to put the pipe cleaner though the whole and by the end he was able to do it by himself when using the big buttons. I was really proud of him and he had a blast. He wouldn't let me take the buttons off and carried around the pipe cleaner the rest of the day!

We learned how to use Tongs!

Then we played hide and seek with the cotton balls!

In preparation for Valentine's Day, we sorted chips.

We scooped a lot of Pasta...We even drew pictures in our pasta!

We spent the morning back at the doctors office. AJ was weezing a lot, so, we headed back to see why he was not getting better. After a change in medicine and what seemed like forever at the pharmacy, AJ took a steam bath in the shower to help clear the mucus build up. The water wasn't too hot, but we have one bath that is small and makes AWESOME STEAM! So, while the shower was running AJ made shaving cream pictures on the shower walls and then made a shaving cream train track on the floor. He was rather upset to get out!

AJ did a bit of coloring, which was a total surprise because he is not a huge fan. I think the markets were an inspiration.

After a 3 hour nap (I told you he was sick!), we played hide and seek with out new balls. AJ had a blast with this and kept peeking around the corner to see what I was doing. We played this 3 or 4 times and then he decided it was time to try his hand at the tongs again. (Excuse the runny nose!)

We made yogurt Popsicles.

We painted using different shapes...

Painting with shapes inevitable turned into painting car tracks with his various cars. We, of course, had to wash them when we were done! AJ was so please to wash all his cars!

Saturday...because learning never stops and AJ seems to have an endless supply of energy (even when sick!)

Back to buttons...AJ could play for hours with buttons! Today, he decided he would make music, so he spent time putting the buttons in this empty container and then running around shaking it! Someone forgot to tell him he was still sick!

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