Sunday, February 7, 2010

Buttons on the Loose...

AJ found my button tin when we were in the garage the other day. Do not ask why or how it found its way to the garage, but there it lay...So, we decided to bring it in and play for a bit.

*Safety Note: Although AJ is NOT none for sticking everything in his mouth, but even so, I did remove all the small buttons from the tin. I only left buttons that were about an 1" or bigger. There were plenty left.

I gave AJ the button tin and an empty egg carton. He went through and started sorting the buttons. He sorted many of the buttons by color, but had no idea what to do with clear, gold and multicolored buttons. So, we talked about what color they were and how to sort them. AJ was lucky that I had many of the same buttons, so, it made it easy to sort, but when he got confused on what to do with the light blue buttons because they were not the same as the navy buttons. This led to a discussion on shades, light and dark. I collected all of the blue buttons and we worked together to sort them.

I used a T chart for this activity. Here is a picture of a T-chart.

I printed it off my computer and laminated it. This way I can re-use it for many activities by writing any titles I need in the column headings. For this activity, I used Light and Dark as my headings and we sort, sort, sorted! I wanted to work on big and small, but AJ had other plans. When I went to get my bog and small bowls, he found the beans and drug them down...

At this point, you maybe asking yourself why there have been not been any pictures thus far. One, I forgot. Two, I have to get up the nerve to delete the pictures on my camera to make room. I have been deleting a few at a time when I run out of space, but it has gotten a bit ridiculous. There are over 900 pictures on the card and I have not been able to delete the pics from when AJ was first born until now. (Even though they have all been scrapbooked and copied onto disk) So, I finally went through with it and now am down to 212...I could delete everything! But, now, I have adequate space, so, I can take more than 3 pictures at a time with out having to delete yesterdays activities. OK deep breath...don't cry! I just keep telling myself...I have the pictures...I do not need to save them on the camera anymore. Can you tell I am a pack rat about AJ's stuff. I am the mom that that has kept virtually all of his clothes since newborn! My garage (and my hubbie) wishes find a new home for them, but the thrifty pat of me can't part with them! We want to have several kids, so, why would I want to have to buy clothes all over again when we have another boy...they are in god condition. This is how I justify it to myself.

When I couldn't convince him to come back to the buttons, I changed gears and decided on a game of hide and seek. I poured all the beans into the baby tub and hid some buttons in them. Then, I gave AJ a bowl and he went to town! He was so into the game of hide and seek, that once he found all of the buttons, he went to find things for he to hide. Surprise, surprise out came the trains and cars to be hidden.

After that is became a bean festival! He took out everything he could find and jammed up it into the beans...plowing through and making new tracks for his trains, cars, even the baby bath sling became a ramp!

When he tired of the baby sling off, he decided it was time to try out his new spoons. I found these for $1 at JoAnn Fabrics. He thought they were super cool and had a ball filling up his little bowl. He is getting a lot better at scooping and being able to transfer the beans from the scoop into the bowl. Before the majority of the beans would simply fall off the spoon and he would just get frustrated.

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