Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's AJ up too?

Well, it is super hot out, so AJ spends atleast a few hours in the backyard everyday. We are still working on our totschool activities, but we always include time to have fun!

This week, we have a had a lot of fun in our kiddie pool. It is interesting beacuse AJ is scared of the big pool. It takes sometime in his big float to get confortable, but he hates it if you try to hold him in the pool. So, no swimming playdates for us. Only kiddie pools and zero entry pools this year.

He is also fascinated with washing his cars...the windows, ect... Interestingly, I have seen AJ doing lots on montesorri activities lately. He loves to get involved!

He also LOVES the MUD! He ALWAYS makes mud when he is outside. The hardest part is keeping him in his suit! Oh and keeping the mud!

We also love going to the adventure park. We do lots of learning while we are there because AJ loves going to see all the animals. AJ love going and playing in the water with his friends! It is the only way to keep cool. We just bought out tickets to the water park this weekend, so we will be trying that out very soon!

All and all it is turning into a nice, HOT summer, but we are managing to keep cool! How about you?

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