Saturday, August 7, 2010

Room for Construction

My hubbie finally decided it was time to tear up the carpet in AJ's room, so, we now have beautiful (easy to clean) wood floor AND freshly painted walls. Which is a great start to setting up the room for both kids. Now, if I can only get him to finish the baseboards...he has so much free time! Between taking AJ to school, checking in on his mom, working, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry...I don't think it tops the priority list! Rightfully so!

AJ has a new addition to his room in the form of a giant new Thomas the Tank Engine bed. Something he has totally fallen in love with!!! I guess with a new baby coming everyone needs something new and special.

It has taken me forever to decide on what I wanted for the new nursery since it will be shared with the new Thomas bed. I decided on Dr.Seuss. I mean he is classic and the bright colors will work well with the Thomas blue and red.

I have decided to wait on the quilt since we never used it with AJ. I have a duvet cover already made out of the striped fabric. I think that will be enough. It will make for a great, soft play area for the new baby. Now, all I have to do is wait for the ABC embroidered piece and then I can get my sew on!

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