Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's contractions and bed rest..Oh My!

In one week, I soent 2 days in L&D for monitoring due to pre-term contractions. Let me tell you it was a blast. The first time was due to a positive fibronectin test, the dr called at 3pm on Wednesday and said go immediately for monitoring. Five hours later, I was finally released and sent home on full bedrest. Then, I was having small braxton hicks type contractions, but nothing steady or all too painful. Then, Saturday came around...they started light and progressed in to contractions that had me doubled over in pain. Now, remember this ain't my first, I knew these were cause for concern. Didn't help that I had ignored the drs. orders on Friday and went with my hubbie to pick out a preschool for our son! OOps!

Hubbie was immediately on the phone with my OB, waking up and packing up my son who was to be delivered to the in-laws before a valient sprint to L&D..AGAIN!!! It was a great practice run! We showed up at L&D and it was packed...PACKED!!! Not a single room open, even the triage rooms were full. (It just so happened to be a full moon!) We had to wait over 30 minutes for a room and OF COURSE my contractions stopped by the time I was actually all hooked up. They monitored everything for about 5 hours, ran a ton of tests and ultrasounds. My cervix has shortened to 28mm, which they said can definitely be causing the preterm labor. The nurse said anything less than 30mm prior to 32 weeks can put me at risk.

Needless to say, we were released just after midnight and sent home again obviously on bedrest. I should do nothing other than be in bed and get up to potty. Yeah me! The good news is since I have been actually really good this time around I have not continues to have a very many contractions. At max 3 in an hour...4 in an hour would send me back to the hospital! I can definitely feel the difference though. There are days when even getting up and walking to the fridge seems like a hike!

Monday is my next OB appointment and my hubbie has decided this is one he would like to attend. I am sure they will do more tests, but who knows. Maybe the fact that the bedrest seems to be working and no more trips to L&D will be enough. I doubt I will be off bedrest until we get to the safe weeks (32+). But, I am excited to say I was able to preregister at the hospital today, so, that means we are on count down. 90 days until my due date...I hope they fly by...not too fast though!

I figure this baby just wants to have a birth story that outshines his/her brothers...hence all the complications!

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