Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Time Has Arrived...It's a...BOY!

(Picture courtesy of Delfina K. Photography An amazing photographer!)

We welcomed Baby Arion Jacob Rakic on Monday, October 25th at 6:03AM. He was 7lbs 7oz and 19 inches long!

He is an amazing baby. Quiet, sweet and a great sleeper...already noticably different than his older brother.

Arion's Birth Story:

After a number of trips to Labor and Delivery in the preceding weeks, I didn't take my contractions very seriously when they started on Sunday night. I have been having contractions on and off for weeks. These contractions seemed no different! Contractions 5-6 minutes apart for about an hour, but not intensifying. I figured it was just going to be another obnoxious Sunday night. You know another...Here we go again!

This time was different. After a bit of heavy spotting, the doctor said it was time to come in. She said this time I would be leaving the hospital with a more false alarms! Thank goodness! So, off we went!

We checked in to the hospital around 11:30 and the contractions started to get closer together and more intense. Yet, contractions were completely manageable. I just had to wait for the pain to plateau. I knew if I stayed focus and relaxed I could manage through them. It was only bad when I was stuck in bed! I was amazed how easy that part was! I never really thought I would go through with a natural was more like...if I can I will, but I am not opposed to an epidural! I just had the mentality that "We would take it as it comes"!

After a few rounds of antibiotics and several hours on the birthing ball, it was finally time to push! It was at about this moment that I seriously questioned my decision to go natural...ok ok...I admit was at this moment I started begging my nurses and midwife for some sort of pain meds. Something...ANYTHING! Finally my water broke (completely) and down came baby. The pressure was unforgettable! At that moment I wanted to crawl out of my skin. But, after just 3 rounds of pushing (only 8 minutes) out he popped! Clean as a whistle!

As they rolled him over and prepared Chris to cut the cord is when I spied his little package...there it was...I had another boy! Not the girl I have convinced myself I was having! My hubbie immediately started screaming..."it's a boy! Another Boy...Thank you G~D!" I thought I might be disappointment, but I was pleasantly surprised at how ecstatic I was to have another boy. Although I would love to have a little girl at some point, I would be totally content to have a house full of boys! They are such an amazing blessing!Now, My son was going to have a brother to pal around with! Together they can conquer the world!

My hubbie

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