Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Goin' with the Girl

I have blog that I love to follow called Prudent Baby. The mama there is SUPER craft and always has great projects. Lately she has been making a ton of simple little dresses for her daughter. Now, please take the term "simple" with a grain of salt. They are simple of you are not a beginning sewer. Well, I am a beginning sewer and I have even been able to master a few of these little dresses. They are just too cute to resist. I started with what looked like the simpliest dress, the pillowcase dress.

I still have NO IDEA what we are having and we are not going to find out again. I also, don't have any really strong intuition like I did with for now it is just wishful thinking! I have to have a girl at some point...right!

So, here is what I whipped up last night in a few hours. After I figured out the first one, the second went really quickly. I am still working on how to make the armholes the bias tape perfectly. I just might have to call my Aunt on that one. She is an amazing sewer (is that a word) and has a wealth of knowledge I have only recently started to tap into. Anywho...they first one (blue) has a few flaws, but nothing major. The pink one turned out much better.


  1. they look awesome!! and don't worry i am posting some boy stuff soon!

  2. Thanks Jamie. I love your work!